"Sololive: No Kilt Tonight"
Marlene's Review

 sololiveI received my copy of "Sololive" and immediately sat down to listen to one of the best cd's I own. This live cd is pure Gowan at his very best with the piano, which is an extension of his very being. This cd is so crisp and clear, you can hear the audience's every reaction to each song. It's like Gowan is playing right in my livingroom.

My personal favourite on this cd is "Dedication" - I can feel how Gowan has completely captivated the audience, there is silence as they listen to how beautifully he plays and sings this tune. "Pathetique" and "The King Chanticleer Rag" were fun, and my usual favourite "A Criminal Mind" sent shivers down my spine.

Gowan's sense of humour comes out with all his chats with the audience and he ends with his final thank you to us, the fans, with "You'll Be with Me". I highly recommend this cd to every single Gowan fan.

A Review by Paula Baril

So, you're still debating about buying this CD, eh? Kind of worried that because it's just Gowan and a piano, it might sound like something you'd hear in an elevator? Well, you're wrong. This is an excellent CD!!

With just a piano, the songs still sound incredible. The more upbeat ones like "Cosmetics" and "Guerilla Soldier", are still played that way so it doesn't sound like you're listening to some lounge act who plays them all at the same tempo. Even though all the songs are great, the two I've listened to about a million times are, "Pathetique" and "The King Chanticleer Rag".

The liner notes with it are really cool. Gowan wrote kind of a "day in the life" bit about what he did on the day of the show. I don't want to spoil the whole thing and tell you everything he did, but I'll give you a hint...his day started at 7:00 AM. O.K...that's it...you'll have to buy the CD to find out the rest. There's also a few pictures to go along with it that look great. The piano he uses looks huge. You know the piano Schroeder in the "Peanuts" cartoon uses? Well, picture something at least twice that size.

So, now you want to order it, don't you? Yeah, I thought this little review would convince you. Believe me...you won't be disappointed.

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