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 good Gowan (the artist formally known as Gowan) has been in the public eye as one of Canada's favorite singer/songwriters, recording artists and live performers for over ten years. He has enjoyed an illustrious career that has seen the release of six albums with sales of over 750,000 of these recordings. Constantly evolving as an artist, Gowan's music has moved from the synth-pop/rock, video-driven image of the '80s era to a pared down, trimmer approach to songwriting in the '90s. As Larry evolves from record to record, he manages to reach out to new audiences every time with his masterful songwriting and powerful vocal style. With the release of "The Good Catches Up", his sixth album, Gowan achieves a maturity of sound that builds on the entire maturity of this artist.

Self-determinatin has played a key role in the structure of this album. Gowan, after five releases with CBS/Sony/Anthem, is now releasing on his own Gowan Productions label. As such, he and producer Eddie Schwartz had complete control of the production process which began with the recordings at Schwartz' Toronto home studio and finished at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec, where the album was mixed. Gowan and Schwartz arranged and recorded the instrumentation almost entirely themselves, using only a few select session players.

On "The Good Catches Up", he delivers an album that continues the significant departure in style and influence from his older work (as seen in his last album, "...but you can call me Larry") and yet bridges the gap between past and present Gowan. Older fans will be pleased to hear piano driven songs such as the ballads "Laura" and "You'll Be With Me" and the honky tonk boogie of "I'll Be There in a Minute". Others will be thrilled with the guitar-driven songs such as "Put It Where the Love Don't Shine" and the first single, "Guns and God". Add the quirky subject matter of "Cyberbabes", the roosty, down-home feeling of "Pigeon" and "Get It While You Can" and the uplifting title track.

Five of the nine tracks on "The Good Catches Up" were writen by Gowan and Schwartz: "The Good Catches Up, I'll Be There In a Minute, Laura, Get It While You Can, and Put It Where the Sun Don't Shine". The others were written by Gowan alone.

The creative partnership between Gowan and Schwartz has been growing since 1990, when they first started writing together. "All the Lovers in the World", their first co-write, also marked a departure from Gowan's previous songwriting as it was the first time that he had co-written with anyone. Schwartz would go on to co-write the "...Larry" album, including the hit single "When There's Time for Love", which Schwartz also produced. It was only natural for Gowan to choose Schwartz to produce the new album.

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