An interview with Peter J. Cullen
The Brunswican - UNB Fredricton, NB - November 15, 1996

Larry Gowan makes his return to Fredericton, playing the Dock almost exactly one year after his last performance here. During his last visit, despite the naysayers and critics that stated Gowan was past his prime, the Canadian rock legend surprised some and pleased all who attended the performance. But this time he's on his own. Aside from his road crew and piano, he is travelling solo this time out. "The audience seems very into it", he says during a phone interview before a soundcheck in Quebec. "When we first started doing these solo shows I didn't think it would be something people would be able to hang onto for an entire evening... I really think there's something out there and you just don't want to question it."

Still promoting last year's "The Good Catches Up" album, Gowan maintains his focus on the song writing aspect that has enabled him to secure the high profile he yields in the Canadian music industry. "It's certainly more of a singer/songwriter approach when you hear the live shows. Most songs are originally formed on one instrument..(and) for me it's enjoyable because I rediscover where the song came from and re-live what it sounded like before I played it for anyone else."

Gowan's image hasn't been prominent on video stations like it was when songs like "A Criminal Mind," "Strange Animal" and "Moonlight Desire" were released, but that's a sign of Gowan's maturation process and intense focus on song writing as of recent years. "Videos have become much less of a factor in putting the music across. I'm pleased with how those [songs and videos in the '80s] were done and I'm still very pleased with that period. That's why I don't feel bad about playing those older songs at my shows". However, Gowan is planning to unveil those older songs again - and - some new ones on an upcoming hits album. "That looks like it's going happen next year. Probably just before the summer", he says.

While the music hasn't been selected for the album just yet, Gowan also has another project in the works, "Well right now we're recording the solo shows so I'm probably going to put out a live record of the solo performances. They really seem to have a really big flavor to them". Continuing on about his live exhibitions, he adds that, "the show is very spontaneous and it spans the last 11 years of music for me, and it keeps jumping back and forth between the past and the present, plus I have been able to play a couple of the influential songs that have come along and shaped the kind of music that I do. I get a chance to play some other people's music at the show that I normally wouldn't get to do with a band".

In addition to travelling throughout Canada on his solo set, Gowan is scheduled to tour throughout Egypt, Israel, Croatia and even Bosnia during the month of December. "I'm very anxious to get started on it, but at the same time a couple of places that we're going into will be pretty dangerous. I have a little bit of concern, but that's always a minor detail, I think it should be a great experience".

Despite playing to crowds in excess of 100,000 at certain festivals this past summer, Gowan admits he is looking forward to seeing small town Fredericton again, "Last year was tremendous [playing a bar] is the smallest place I get a chance to play, but I like the audience. I remember playing there last year and I remember how the audience reacted, I'm looking forward to getting back there, Fredericton's been a good town for me".

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