The Drink, Calgary - March 1, 1999
by Marlene

Last night was my annual ritual of seeing Larry perform in Calgary. This year, he played at The Drink - a venue much more suited to Larry's style. It is a very cozy, intimate setting which allowed Larry to interact in the most energetic, awe-inspiring one-man show that I've seen since last year around this time. Larry's energy and enthusiasm was contageous, the typical "quiet" Calgary crowd was very noisy and the more they cheered Larry on, the more he gave it his all. He presented 4 new songs for us to listen to: Stranglehold, Manchester Morning Gray, Insane and Bring on that Storm. My first impression of these new songs was "wow". I need to hear them again. Insane brought out the "Criminal Mind" part of Larry, very intense and dark. Bring on that Storm is a great tune played on his guitar (the others were piano). I liked them all, but my favourite is Insane. Of course he graced us with his "oldies but goodies" and saved "A Criminal Mind" and "I am a Walrus" for his encore. What a performance. The one thing I really like about Larry is how he not only sings his songs, he acts them. This is a rare gift that I have not seen in many performers. Putting feeling into his songs gives us much more appreciation of his passion for his music. He also manages to put humour into every situation that presents itself. Larry, thanks again for a great show and taking the time to sign autographs and talk to every one of us waiting in line. See you next year.

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