Marlene's Review of "Best Of..."
 best of I went hunting for Gowan's new "Best Of..." cd and low and behold I found multiple copies in a variety of record/cd shops in Calgary! One even had it in the "new releases" section.

This CD is a great collection of 14 of Gowan's "greatest" songs (in my biased opinion) including 2 new additions - a very interesting rendition of Burton Cumming's "These Eyes" (Gowan, you drown out in parts by your music) and "Healing Waters...For Diana: Queen of Hearts".

I really like the CD jacket - please take the time to read it - Gowan's character and great sense of humour shine through. I want to say a personal thank you to Gowan for the "thanks" to me for the web page - I was thrilled to see my name on your list and also thanks for not dumping "Dedication" - I love that song and your new arrangement of it.

A great addition to your Gowan collection.

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