Return of the Strange Animal
Celebrating 25 Years

Disc A - CD
1. Cosmetics
2. Desperate
3. City of Angels
4. Walking on Air
5. Burning Torches of Hope
6. Keep the Tension On
7 Guerrilla Soldier
8. (You're a) Strange Animal
9. A Criminal Mind


Disc B - DVD
Document on the Making of 'Strange Animal'
Radical Superjam

2 New Songs and Videos:
Tittenhurst Park (I Met the Spirit There)
Excerps from 'Strange Animal' demo recordings

Animated Cartoon by Gowan 'The Checkmate'

4 Videos from 1985:
A Criminal Mind
(You're a) Strange Animal
Guerrilla Soldier

Styx Live Recording of A Criminal Mind

Produced by Gowan
Mixed by Terry Brown