Best Of...

 best of

1997, This Compilation, Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
Mastered by: Peter J. Moore - The E. Room - Toronto
Photograpy by: Dimo Safari
Creative Design by: Larry Goldberg and Lisa Richards of Primise Communicatsions and Marketing Inc.

"BEST OF" CD has OFFICIALLY been certified GOLD for sales in Canada!!! Our thanks to all Gowan fans...old and new...for their continued support!!!


  • A Criminal Mind
  • You're A Strange Animal
  • Guerrilla Soldier
  • Cosmetics
  • Moonlight Desires
  • Awake The Giant
  • All The Lovers In The World
  • Lost Brotherhood
  • Out Of A Deeper Hunger
  • When There's Time For Love
  • Dancing On My Own Ground
  • Soul's Road
  • Your Stone Walls
  • Dedication
  • These Eyes (by Burton Cummings)
  • Healing Waters...For Diana: Queen of Hearts